FYP Letters — Face to Face NOT FaceBook: A Daily FYP Clinic

FYP Letters — Face to Face NOT FaceBook: A Daily FYP Clinic

FYP Letters is a series of non-curricular notes to keep us in touch over the next days and weeks. They are a combination of original writings and archival ones, including some re-printed FYP News items. — Dr. Susan Dodd, Interim FYP Director.

By: Thomas Curran (Certified Social Media Therapist)

  1. Are you having trouble concentrating on your studies?
  2. Not sure what happened in lecture, because you had to attend to your “wall”?
  3. Trouble sleeping at night?
  4. Not enough time for sports or socializing?
  5. Difficulty in expanding your excellent ideas beyond 140/280 characters?
  6. Obsessed with “emojis”? Trouble expressing emotions face-to-face?

Let me help:

  • Non-Judgmental, compassionate listening
  • Student Support Groups
  • Absolute Confidentiality; No retweeting!
  • Proven Track Record
  • Measurable progress is possible with a commitment of less than one hour a week!
  • Easily applicable techniques and tricks

For instance:

  1. Where do I find the “off” button?
  2. How to overcome anxiety when the battery fails;
  3. How to unfriend a “redundant” correspondent;
  4. How to exclude parents from tracking your device;
  5. How to resist the impulse to take a “selfie” during lecture;
  6. How to enjoy a meal without posting a photograph of the cuisine on Snapchat;
  7. How “to peek” at a post,
    1. while sincerely listening to a conversation,
    2. or receiving essay advice from an overly zealous tutor;
  8. How to hide “shaking hand syndrome” during tutorial, when separated from your device;
  9. How to postpone that “hilarious” post until after 10am on Sunday morning?
  10. What to do if the post slipped through “by accident” at 11:45pm on Saturday night?
  11. Simple techniques for effective walking and texting,
    1. how to enter crosswalks safely while texting;
    2. how to maximize your mobile posts and tweets while waiting at a red light;
    3. the etiquette of elevator entry and exit while scrolling down the screen.

Private, supportive sessions between 4 to 5pm each weekday during term.

Learn useful, easy techniques to ease your addiction; no need to go “cold turkey”.

Mondays: iPhones
Tuesdays: Androids & Tablets
Wednesdays: Facebook
Thursdays: Twitter & Snapchat
Fridays: Tumblr, Instagram, eBay, Kijiji, AshleyMadison, Craigslist, CliffsNotes &c

I can help you transfigure those “shrill” tweets into full-throated and harmonious birdsong!

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