J-School Noire is back in person for 2023

J-School Noire is back in person for 2023

The Canadian Association of Black Journalists has announced the 2023 edition of J-School Noire. First launched in Halifax in 2020 during African Heritage Month, this free workshop provides Black high school and junior high school-aged students with the opportunity to learn from top media pros and build their storytelling skills.

Noah and Joshua, grade six students and the 2020 J-School Noire’s youngest participants, said their favourite parts of the day were learning about lighting and different types of camera shots.

The University of King’s College has supported this groundbreaking program from its inaugural year, and proudly supports the upcoming workshop on February 10th.

Atlantic Director of the CABJ Amber Fryday says, “We are thrilled to return to an in-person workshop this year after a several-year hiatus due to Covid-19 in which J-School was offered virtually. We continue to engage with students to open their eyes to opportunities they may never have been exposed to in the media world.”

J-School Noire was transformational from the moment the CABJ launched it. For the 2023 edition, students will learn key skills from some of Canada’s top media personalities. The workshop will include:

  • hands-on shooting
  • editing
  • podcasting
  • writing
  • interviewing

Once students have completed J-School Noire, the CABJ will pair them with a senior journalist for year-long mentoring as they begin their journey towards media careers.

Fred Vallance-Jones, Director of Journalism programs at the University of King’s College, says that the program provides a valuable opportunity to engage Black youth with the power of journalistic storytelling from a young age. “Young people today are inundated with so many different forms of media and so many different types of content. Learning to identify and seek out the well-researched, ethically reported stories is a really important step along the way as they find their own voices and discover the stories they want to tell.”

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