King’s course gets profiled in Halifax Magazine

King's course gets profiled in Halifax Magazine

“Brewing Civilization”, a course about the history of beer brewing taught in King’s History of Science and Technology program may appeal to the average college beer enthusiast, but they’ll have to be ready to put the work in.

Dr. Ian Stewart recently filled Halifax Magazine in on the surprising impact beer has had on the development of science and technology. “In one way it’s a totally simple concept: take beer, the places in which it was brewed and drunk, and follow that throughout history to see how the story of science and technology is woven into the story,” he says. The course spans issues all across science and technology. Stewart cites for instance how brewers developed standards for the thermometer that in turn lead to advances in chemistry.

The course has had its fair share of acclaim. In 2014, Huffington Post named it one of the “Coolest Courses in Canada.”

Read the article in Halifax Magazine here.

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