King’s student-athletes impress on a national scale

King's student-athletes impress on a national scale

The Canadian Colleges Athletics Association (CCAA) has announced that 17 King’s students have won CCAA National Scholar Awards. These awards are given to student-athletes who maintain honours standing throughout the academic year.

“This is a tremendous achievement given that many of these students hold down part-time jobs, study full-time and play a varsity sport,” says Neil Hooper, athletic director at King’s. Hooper adds that King’s required GPA of 3.7 for honours standing is among the highest standards in the country, which gives an indication of the difficulty that goes along with achieving this honour.

King’s ranked in the top quarter of CCAA institutions for National Scholar Awards despite being one of CCAA’s smallest schools.

Our National Scholar Award recipients:

Maddie Alvarez, Badminton

Andrea Gillis, Badminton & Soccer

Thomas Watson, Basketball

Catherine Butts, Basketball

Emily Curry, Basketball

Rebecca Evans, Basketball

Danielle Arsenault, Soccer

Sarah-Jane von Bedow, Soccer

Adele Van Wyk, Soccer

Thalia Garvock, Soccer

Lia Domke, Soccer

Anton Dugandzic, Soccer

Kristian Sacco, Soccer

Will Vibert, Soccer

Clara Doelle, Volleyball

Emma Clarke, Volleyball

Marianna Saunders, Volleyball

At the Athletic Awards night in the spring of 2015, a number of student-athletes in non-CCAA sports were also awarded Academic Excellence Awards for achieving honours standing.

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