Thirty-five King’s athletes receive National Scholar Awards, demonstrating athletic skill and academic excellence

Thirty-five King's athletes receive National Scholar Awards, demonstrating athletic skill and academic excellence

The Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association has released the list of National Scholar Award recipients for the 2020/21 season and thirty-five King’s students—drawn from the badminton, basketball, soccer and volleyball teams—are among those being honoured.

The award recognizes students for athletic skill and academic excellence—students receiving the award have all played varsity sports for their university or college and achieved honours standing. At King’s, honours are awarded to students with a grade point average of 3.7 or above—among the highest such standards at any Canadian university.

President and Vice-Chancellor William Lahey, seated in the King's library

King’s President and Vice-Chancellor William Lahey.

“King’s is a university for great students who also aspire to be great athletes,” says President William Lahey. “Every one of the thirty-five King’s students named to the list of National Scholars exemplifies our commitment to combining academic and athletic excellence in an immersive and holistic experience that prepares students for exceptional futures. I am full of pride for our students and gratitude for the coaches, faculty and staff who inspire, guide and support them.”

Athletics Director Neil Hooper said the number of students receiving this award at King’s reflects the importance afforded to academics in the university’s athletics culture.

“The Blue Devils have a long history of strong academic performance but we are overwhelmed by the number of students who have achieved these high grades,” said Hooper. “This is a testament to Blue Devils pride which places heavy emphasis on maintaining good grades while participating in sport!”

King’s 2020/21 CCAA National Scholars

Jack Gillies, Badminton
Ethan Merlin, Basketball
Jack Wuotila, Basketball
Geevon Janday, Basketball
Chloe Oxner, Basketball
Kayleigh Garland, Basketball
Sian Nielsen, Basketball
Alex Soyko, Basketball
Emma Garagan, Basketball
Kallie MacKinnon, Basketball
Claire Hickman, Basketball
Ian Thomson-McKinnon, Soccer
Liam Morrison, Soccer
Brendan Balcom, Soccer
Hassan Sadek, Soccer
Cash Layden, Soccer
Lucy Carolan, Soccer
Lydia Hanson, Soccer
Anna Dugandzic, Soccer
Dimitra Tsimiklis, Soccer
Faye Little, Soccer
Shikha Gupta, Soccer
Eliza Burroughs, Soccer
Olivia Izsak, Soccer
Sophie Harriman, Soccer
Victoria Iatrou, Soccer
Miriam Burnett, Soccer
Olivia Kinnear, Soccer
Abby Hourigan, Volleyball
Clair Traynor, Volleybal
Leah Hartlen, Volleyball
Kiana Higuchi, Volleyball
Lindsey Puddicombe, Volleyball
Emma Wilson, Volleyball
Katie Cheslock, Volleyball

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