Updated Final Report of the Independent Review

Updated Final Report of the Independent Review

This communication deals with sensitive subject matter including sexual assault.

Dear King’s community,

The Final Report of the Independent Review of Accusations of Sexual Assault Against Dr. Wayne Hankey conducted by Rubin Thomlinson was posted to the King’s website on March 15.  On that day, in the afternoon, I addressed the college community, offering an apology to all who were harmed by Dr. Hankey. And, on behalf of the college, I accepted the findings of the report and all five of its recommendations.

Today I write to address fulfilment of the first recommendation, which was to extend the opportunity for individuals to participate in the Independent Review for an additional 30-day period. Accordingly, the call for information was extended to April 14. Anyone with something to share who had not yet come forward, for whatever reason, was invited to contact Ms. Rubin in complete confidentiality.

Ms. Rubin has now informed us that she did receive additional contacts and, as a result, she has updated her Final Report to include one more incident and another example of bullying.

In keeping with our pledge to provide transparency, the updated version of the Report is now on our website. For clarity, Ms. Rubin has underlined all new information.

I want to remind everyone that supports are still available to the community. The link to them is through ‘Community Supports’ on the Final Report page.



William Lahey
President, Vice Chancellor and Professor of Law

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