Art of the Possible

Art of the Possible: Envisioning a Bright Future for Entrepreneurship & Experiential Learning (E&EL) Programming for NS Students in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Languages and Performing/Creative Arts. 

One quarter of the post-secondary students in Nova Scotia are in the arts, and it is widely held that the skills that these students graduate with—critical thinking, creativity, social perceptiveness, and problem-solving—are a match to the most crucial 21st-century needs. Yet this category of students has been underserved by formal experiential learning, work-integrated learning, and entrepreneurial opportunities; opportunities that empower students to further develop their skills, reflect on their values, make connections between their academic studies and the wider world, and gain insight into the career path that is right for them. This capacity-building project is a province-wide initiative to address this shortfall and put in place the building blocks of a robust E&EL strategy that will serve students in the arts and support their transition to the opportunities that will allow them to contribute at their full capacity in Nova Scotia.  

With the input and engagement of students, faculty, staff, and community partners/employers across the province, the Art of the Possible project will conclude in a final report and website (TBC October, 2022) that provides in-depth exploration on a number of topics, including awareness and participation in E&EL in the arts; barriers and motivations to participation in E&EL in the arts; resources that help facilitate participation the arts; and recommendations for initiatives to support the expansion of E&EL in the arts in Nova Scotia. With respect to the latter, consultation events (TBC July, 2022) will be held to share preliminary insights, gather feedback, and promote current and potential opportunities for E&EL in the arts.  

This project is funded through the NS Post-Secondary Innovation Team and is overseen by representatives from regional universities and the Department of Labour and Advanced Education. Hosted by King’s, the Art of the Possible projects reflects our commitment to expand and enhance experiential learning opportunities for students in our humanities degree programs. Read more about King’s commitment to experiential learning here. 

This project is funded through the NS Post-Secondary Innovation Team of the Department of Labour and Advanced Education.  

For more information please email Joanna Sheridan, Manager of Experiential Learning and Public Humanities.