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King’s & Slavery: A Scholarly Inquiry

King's & Slavery: A Scholarly Inquiry

In February 2018, Professor William Lahey, President of the University of King’s College, announced the establishment of a scholarly inquiry to examine the possible connections, direct and indirect, of the university with slavery in the late 18th  and early 19th  centuries. The comprehensive project comprises original, independent research by leading Canadian and U.S. scholars.

University of King's College

Universities Studying Slavery (USS)

The University of King’s College is hosting, along with Dalhousie University and in partnership with the Black Cultural Centre for Nova Scotia the Universities Studying Slavery Conference in the fall of 2023 in Halifax. It is a major international conference on slavery’s role in higher education and its legacies, including the movement for reparations and redress. It is, for the first time, being held outside the United States.

Based out of the University of Virginia, this consortium of more than 100 institutions of higher learning is dedicated to organizing multi-institutional collaboration on research dealing with historical and contemporary issues dealing with race and inequality in higher education and in university communities.

King’s is one of four Canadian post-secondary institutions to join USS, the others being Dalhousie University, McGill University and the University of New Brunswick.

Findings of other USS institutions: