Moving in and out

There is an almost electric energy in the quad on Move-In Day. The music plays and student frosh leaders help new students take their boxes and bags to their new rooms.

After you’ve moved in, there’s a barbecue for you, your family and friends, where you will meet the president, the dean of students, the registrar, and members of the teaching faculty and hear them talk about the year ahead. The president and the dean will meet with your parents, while you get together with your fellow first-year students. You’ll then head out for a week’s worth of orientation activities to help you get acquainted with your new home.

University of King's College

Move-in/out dates 2020/21

Fall Move In: Sunday, Sept. 6 2020, 10 a.m (to be confirmed)
Fall Move Out: 24 hours after your last exam/paper

Winter Move In: Sunday, Jan. 5 2021, 10 a.m
Winter Move Out: 24 hours after your last exam/paper

Checking in

On Move-In Day, you will receive a residence Welcome Package that contains your access cards and room keys, laundry card, Student Life 101, and academic gown. You can also pick up your King’s student ID card (also known as DalCard), or have your photo taken for it. You’ll be able to purchase a Frosh Pack for the week from the King’s Students’ Union. Remember to bring a piece of government-issued photo ID with you. On the desk in your room, you will find the Residence Room Assessment Form, which you must complete and return to the front desk of Alexandra Hall to ensure that your damage deposit will be credited to your account.

Items already in your room

  • a bed
  • a desk and chair
  • a fridge
  • a book shelf
  • a closet
  • a phone
  • table lamp
  • Internet/phone/electricity
  • a dresser with drawers
  • curtains
  • a garbage can

What you should bring

  • bedding (single bed sheets) and pillows
  • towel and shower shoes
  • computer, if you have one
  • a bowl, plate, cup and one set of cutlery, dish detergent
  • pictures and decorations to personalize your room
  • a rug, if you are in Alex Hall and your floor is tiled (2′ x 3′ approximately)
  • closet hangers
  • extra toilet paper and kleenex
  • toiletries: shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush and toothpaste, etc.
  • a shower caddy
  • small fan
  • sealable plastic storage containers to keep food safe and fresh
  • small broom or swiffer
  • unscented laundry products
  • rain gear
  • a winter coat

What NOT to bring

  • subwoofers for computers or stereos; students with such items will be asked to dismantle and remove them
  • open element appliances such as hot plates, grills (George Foreman), toasters or toaster ovens
  • microwaves
  • furniture such as used arm chairs, loveseats, etc.
  • fridges
  • mattresses
  • desks
  • pets
  • candles
  • any decorations that require nails
  • brewery equipment for home brew or wine
  • scented products such as incense

Sending us luggage

Unfortunately, we cannot accept boxes, packages or trunks prior to your arrival, so please don’t send your belongings to the college before you arrive. We also cannot store items over the summer because our residence buildings are operated as conference space and hotel accommodations from May until August.

Early drop-off

Students are not permitted to move into residence prior to the official move-in date because we will be busy preparing the rooms. You may arrange for early drop-off of your belongings to your room at special dates and times prior to move-in. Please contact the Residence Office for details.


Unfortunately, we do not have any storage space available on campus, so please pack accordingly.

Moving Out

Information about moving out of residence can be found on the Residence Rules & Regulations page.