Rules & Regulations

Everyone – students, faculty, and staff members – has a role to play in making the King’s campus a positive experience for all. The Dean’s Office has a responsibility to the King’s community to respond if students disregard the College Code of Conduct, the General Regulations, the Residence Guidelines and/or the Residence Reopening Plan outlined in the COVID-19 Residence FAQ.

All residents are responsible for fully informing themselves of the residence rules and policies, which are provided below. In general, if you are considerate of the people with whom you live, and are aware of your actions, you will have no shortage of good times.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to speak with your don or the dean.

The following are some of our frequently-cited policies, which many find helpful. For a full list of the residence polices, please consult the Academic Calendar.

Important Dates

Move-in/out dates 2020/21

Fall Move In:

Fall Move Out: 24 hours after your last exam/paper

Winter Move In: Sunday, Jan. 5 2021, 10 a.m
Winter Move Out: 24 hours after your last exam/paper

Staying late in residence

Students are required to leave 24 hours after their last academic commitment. Please do not make travel plans until your exam schedule is known. Should you need to stay in residence beyond the 24-hour allowance (either for winter holidays or at the end of the year), you must submit an extension request form to the front desk of Alexandra Hall. All extension requests are granted at the discretion of the dean.


Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the King’s campus.


During phase 1 of the residence reopening plan, guests and visitors will not be allowed in residence.

Upon successful transition into phase 2 of the plan, students may have one residence student in their room, provided that:

  • Neither student has symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Student can visit physically distanced (i.e. six feet apart).

Opening the windows are also recommended.

Residence students are not permitted to have guests from outside the residence community in residence spaces.

Theft and damage

The university is not responsible for the theft or loss of personal property due to fire, water, or any other cause. Please store your valuables in a safe location and keep your doors and windows closed and locked whenever you are not in your room. Please insure your belongings against loss or damage. You may be covered under your parents’ home policy – please check the terms of their policy.

Damage to residence rooms

In the event of damage to a residence room, a charge will be issued based on this Residence Damages Cost list. The costs listed here are baseline prices and subject to increase based on the severity of the damage.


Unfortunately, life in King’s residence really is not conducive to pets. Students are not permitted to have pets in residence. Small fish bowls are allowed, but remember to make arrangements for your fish over the December holiday!


Parking is in short supply at King’s and we are unable to offer parking to residence students. If you bring your car, you will be responsible for finding alternate parking off campus.

Moving out during term

Students living in residence are expected to remain in residence for the duration of the academic year. It is sometimes necessary for a student to leave residence during the academic year. If this applies to you, here are a few steps to ensure a smooth transition. Remember any student who wishes to leave residence during term will be held responsible for his or her residence fees for the full academic year, or until a replacement, acceptable to the college, is found.

Step 1:

Make sure that you complete a withdrawal form, which is available from the Dean of Students and the Assistant Dean of Students. It will be necessary for you to meet with the Dean of Students to get the form approved. If you are a Foundation Year Program student, you must also speak with the Registrar’s Office and the Associate Director of the Foundation Year Program.

Step 2:

Empty and clean your fridge, clean your room, and empty your garbage. Cleaning supplies are available from the front desk of Alexandra Hall. Ensure that all personal belongings are removed from your room. Any remaining items will be discarded.

Step 3:

Please be advised that Facilities Management will inspect your room after you depart to ensure that it is in the same condition identified by on the Residence Room Assessment Form you filled out when your arrived.

Step 4:

Visit the Students Accounts Office, located on the second floor in the A&A building to settle your account. Student Accounts is open Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Step 5:

Return your academic gown and room key/access card to the front desk of Alexandra Hall before you leave. Otherwise, you will be charged for replacements.

Step 6:

If you will remain a King’s student, be sure that the Registrar’s Office updates your local address.