The Bays

The original King’s campus in Windsor housed students in traditional Oxford-style residences called bays. When the college moved to Halifax in the 1920s, the residences were reproduced in the same style.

Chapel, Cochran, Radical and Middle Bay each consist of a central staircase with the don’s suite located on the first floor, single rooms on the top floor (reserved for upper-year students) and four double rooms and a washroom leading off each stairway landing

North Pole Bay consists of single rooms, with communal washrooms and a communal living space and kitchenette.

Bay Rooms – 360° view

Double Room

Bed A

Bed B

  • Closet dimensions: 34.5 in. x 35.5 in. x 8 feet
  • Space between the bottom of the bed and the floor: 13 in.
  • Dresser dimensions: 3 feet x 2 feet x 10 in.
  • Mattress size
    • North Pole, Chapel, Middle, Radical Bay: XL Twin
    • Cochran Bay: Standard Twin

Single Room

Note: This is a 4th floor single room. The single rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors are not pictured here.

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Chapel Bay

Located on the southeast corner of campus, next to the gym, Chapel Bay was so named in 1842 because the college chapel was established within its quarters on the original campus in Windsor.

Rooms: Both single and double suites, housing 22 students with shared washrooms.

University of King's College

Middle Bay

Middle Bay was named for its location, which is sandwiched between Chapel and Radical Bays. It carries over its door a statue of Aeneas fleeing Troy, taking his father, his son and the household gods with him. The laundry room and vending machines for the Bays are located beneath Middle Bay. Please consider using unscented laundry products.

Rooms: Both single and double suites, housing 18 students with shared washrooms.

Features: Common room with kitchenette, laundry room. These are shared with Chapel and Radical Bay residents.

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Radical Bay

Radical Bay is located on the southwest corner of the campus, adjacent to North Pole Bay and attached to Middle Bay. It gets its name from its former occupants on the Windsor campus: it often housed divinity students, who acquired the nickname of ‘radical’ in jest of their apparently good behaviour.

Rooms: Both single and double-suites, housing 22 students with shared washrooms.

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North Pole Bay

Attached to the left side of the A&A Building, North Pole Bay was the highest spot on the original Windsor campus, and so was aptly named. It houses a common room and kitchen, generally reserved for upper-year students. The building was completely renovated in 2016.

Rooms: Housing 20 students, single suites open on a common corridor with shared washrooms.

Features: Common room with kitchenette.

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Cochran Bay

Attached to the right side of the A&A Building, Cochran Bay is named after the first president of the college, William Cochran. Before Alexandra Hall was built in the 1960s, it also served as the women’s residence.

Rooms: Both single and double suites, housing 20 students with shared washrooms.