2SLGBTQIA+ Mental Health Supports

Student Support Advisor

The Student Support Advisor, Isaac Wright (he/they), can help students of any gender identity or sexuality navigate resources, including referrals to gender-affirming care providers, trans-informed mental health or alternative health practitioners, and more. Isaac is a transmasculine social worker and can speak to any student with mental health or wellness concerns.  

To make an appointment, visit calendly.com/studentsupportadvisor or email isaac.wright@ukings.ca 

Sexual Health and Safety Officer

The Sexual Health and Safety Officer (SHSO), Jordan Roberts (she/her), provides a queer- and trans-informed space to discuss relationships of all kinds, gender identity, and sexuality concerns. Jordan provides support through trauma-informed active listening, and is also available to support any student experiencing a concern related to sexualized violence.  

To make an appointment, contact Jordan at jordan.roberts@ukings.ca 

Trans* Student Support Group  

The Trans Student Support group occurs monthly during the academic year, and is run by the Student Support Advisor. It is a closed space for Two-Spirit, transgender and non-binary students or any student who thinks they might not be cis. The group discussions span many topics including accessing gender-affirming care, processing feelings of marginalization, building community, finding local queer and trans events, sharing trans book and media recommendations, and more. Upcoming support groups are listed on the King’s event page 

Trans Lifeline

Trans Lifeline is a crisis hotline run by and for transgender individuals across Canada and the United States. All of the volunteer operators are transgender, and you can call anytime you need someone trans to talk to. The Canadian number is 1-877-330-6366. Trans Lifeline does not use nonconsensual active rescue, meaning that they will not call emergency services, 911, or law enforcement unless asked to.  

Private Practice Therapists 

The KSU insurance plan offers $1,000 in coverage for private practice counselling per academic year. With this coverage, students can access a number of queer- and trans-informed counsellors in the community. Here are some therapists, all licensed in Nova Scotia, who specialize in working with queer and trans communities:  

Dalhousie’s 2SLGBTQIA+ Advisor  

Olivia Fader (she/her), is available to support King’s students in navigating Dalhousie and community systems (including name changes). She can also provide advocacy and support on areas of concern for queer and trans students. To get in touch, book an appointment online or email 2slgbtq+advising@dal.ca



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