Kyle Fraser

Associate Professor of Humanities

Kyle Fraser Kyle Fraser

BA (Vind), MA (Dal), MPhil, PhD (Cantab)

Kyle Fraser is an associate professor in the Foundation Year and History of Science and Technology Programmes. He is a former director of Foundation Year and has served for a number of years as the coordinator of the ancient section of the programme. He also teaches courses on the history of magic, alchemy and esotericism in the History of Science and Early Modern Studies Programmes. Dr. Fraser is a King’s College alumnus, having graduated with a BA in 1993. He went on to receive his PhD in classics (ancient philosophy) from Cambridge in 2000, after earning an MA from the classics department at Dalhousie University. He initially came to King’s in 1998 as a teaching fellow in the Foundation Year Programme. Dr. Fraser is also appointed as adjunct professor in the Dalhousie department of classics.

Selected Recent Publications


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