Current Board Members


The Honourable Kevin Lynch, PC, OC served as Chancellor from 2013-2018. King’s will announce a new Chancellor shortly.


President & Vice-Chancellor:

Prof William Lahey

Douglas Ruck


Mr Douglas Ruck (2018-2021)


Dr Gwendolyn Davies (2019-2022)

Vice President:

Dr Peter O’Brien

Treasurer of the Board of Governors:

Ms Katrina Beach (2019-2021)

Secretary of the Board of Governors:

Ms Jennifer Gray (2016-2020)

Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island:

The Most Reverend Ronald Cutler
Archbishop of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island

Dr Laurelle LeVert (2018-2020)

Diocese of Fredericton:

The Right Reverend David Edwards
Bishop of Fredericton

Dr Gwendolyn Davies (2019 – 2021)
Mr Hugh Wright (2019-2021)

President of the Alumni Association:

Mr Paul Thomson (2019-2021)

Alumni Assoc. Representatives:

Mr Ben Kates (2018-2020)
Ms Jennifer Laurette (2019-2021)
Mr Stuart Pattillo (2019-2021)

Faculty Representatives:

Dr Daniel Brandes (2019-2021)
Dr Susan Dodd (2019-2021)
Dr Christopher Elson (2018-2020)
Prof Susan Newhook (2018-2020)

President of the King’s Students’ Union:

Levi Clarkson (2019 – 2020)

Students’ Union Representatives:

Izzy Ortner (2019 – 2020)
Adrianna Vanos (2019 – 2020)

Co-opted Members:

Ms Rosalie Courage (2018-2022)
Mr Bernard Doucet (2019-2023)
Mr Tom Eisenhauer
Supt Don MacLean (2016-2020)
Ms Catherine Martin (2016-2020)
Ms Alex McCann (2019-2023)
Ms Stephanie McGrath (2017-2021)
Mr Douglas Ruck, Chair (2018-2021)


Ms Adriane Abbott, Director of Advancement
Ms Julie Green, Registrar
Ms Katie Merwin, Dean of Students
Ms Bonnie Sands
, Bursar

Executive Committee Members:

Mr Douglas Ruck (Chair)
Dr Gwendolyn Davies (Vice-Chair)
Prof William Lahey (President & Vice-Chancellor)
Dr Peter O’Brien (Vice-President)
Ms Katrina Beach (Treasurer)
Ms Jennifer Gray (Secretary)
Dr. Susan Dodd (Faculty Representative)
Levi Clarkson (Student Representative)
Mr Paul Thomson (Alumni Representative)