Faculty Expertise

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Areas of Expertise

Daniel Brandes
Assistant Professor of Humanities; Director, Foundation Year Program
  • Contemporary political theory
  • Post-Kantian continental philosophy
  • Modern Jewish thought
  • Jewish philosophy from Maimonides to Levinas
  • Hannah Arendt
Tim Currie
Assistant Professor of Journalism;
Director, School of Journalism
  • Social media
  • Online comments
  • Corrections
Pauline Dakin
Assistant Professor of Journalism
  • Audio journalism
  • Science reporting
Mélanie Frappier
Associate Professor of Humanities
  • Modern science
  • Engineering ethics
Kyle Fraser
Associate Professor of Humanities; Director, History of Science and Technology Program
  • Ancient philosophy and science
  • Ancient religions
  • History of magic and the occult
  • History of alchemy
  • History of astrology and divination
Dean Jobb
Professor of Journalism
  • Media law
  • Publication bans
  • Long-from narratives
Simon Kow
Associate Professor of Humanities
  • Early modern political thought
  • Encounters between East Asian and Western thought and culture
  • Global history of maritime piracy
  • The Enlightenment
Gordon McOuat
Professor of Humanities
  • Recent developments in science
  • Darwin and evolution
  • Math
  • Globalisation
  • Artificial Intelligence and technology
  • Art and Science
  • Bagpipes
Kathryn Morris
Assistant Professor of Humanities; Director, Early Modern Studies Program
  • Early modern witchcraft
  • The vampire (early modern to contemporary)
  • Early modern science
  • Early modern science fiction
Susan Newhook
Assistant Professor of Journalism
  • Video
  • Mobile / digital journalism
Peter O’Brien
Assistant Professor, Latin Literature
  • Latin
  • Ancient Greek
  • Classical literature
  • Mythology
  • Roman History
Stephen Snobelen
Associate Professor of Humanities
  • Isaac Newton
  • Early modern science
  • The popularisation of science 18c – present
  • The relationship between science & religion
  • History of communication technologies
  • Science fiction film
  • Apocalyptic, prophetic and millenarian thought
David Swick
Assistant Professor of Journalism
  • Journalism ethics
  • Long-from narratives
Terra Tailleur
Assistant Professor, Multimedia
  • Mobile / digital journalism
  • Journalism partnerships
Kelly Toughill
Associate Professor of Journalism
  • Journalism business models
  • Numeracy
Fred Vallance-Jones
Associate Professor of Journalism
  • Investigative journalism
  • Data / public records
  • Information security

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